Farming and Ranching for the Bottom Line on February 25 & 26, 2020

Don Tanaka

2020 Farming & Ranching for the Bottom Line Conference

The annual winter conference for family farmers and ranchers was a huge success with nearly 400 in attendance and 100 online. The program was well received and the North Dakota weather was favorable for travelers from throughout the Midwest and Canadian Provence s as well as North Dakota.

Many presenters focused on the linkages between healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people.  They also detailed how the needs of producers, lenders, and processors are the same, yet different. 

Laura Edwards, South Dakota Extension Climatologist provided an excellent expectation for the weather expectations for the upcoming year.

Sponsors and organizers of this event wish to thank their respective organizations for the opportunity to provide this quality event, speakers for their timely, insightful presentations, BSC Ag Club students for introducing our presenters, and our attendees for their participation and many questions of our speakers.

Links to presentations from the event should be online soon.

We will begin brainstorming for the 2021 program soon. Program ideas are always welcome.

2020 Presentations: 




2019 Presentations: 


Bankers Perspective:


Couple Panel:

Dorito Effect:

Planned Grazing:


Bale Grazing:


Drought Conditions:

Cover My Crops:

Animal Behavior:


Livestock Handling:

2018 Presentations:


Crop and Livestock Prices -

Economics of Improved Soil Quality -

Reflection of ND Agriculture -

Grazing Strategies in a Dry Year -

Crop Production in a Dry Year -

Weather Crystal Ball -

Ag Lender Panel -

The 2019 event was held on February 26-27 at the BSC National Energy Center of Excellence. Day one was hosted by the Planning Team:

Susan Samson-Liebig, USDA NRCS 701.530.2018

Roberto Luciano, USDA NRCS , 701.934.1359

Renae Gress , NDSU Morton County Extension 701.667.3348

Beth Hill, Retired Burleigh County Extension Agent, 701.425.7187

Jackie Buckley, Retired NDSU Extension Agent 701.391.7113

Bruce Schmidt, Retired NDSU Extension Specialist 701.221.6865

Cal Thorson, Area 4 SCD Cooperative Research Farm 701.667.3018

Marco Davinic, Bismarck State College 701.224.5417

Tim Faller, NDSU Agricultural Experiment Stations 701.567.3030

John Hendrickson, USDA Agricultural Research Service 701.667.3015

Dave Archer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, 701.667.3048

Ryan Kobilansky, Morton County SCD, 701.667.1163

Valarie Froelich, Morton County SCD, 701.667.1163

Cindy Makedonski, Burleigh County SCD, 701.250.4518

Darrell Oswald, Burleigh County SCD, 701.250.4518

Nolan Swenson, Burleigh County SCD, 701.250.4518

Chet Zapzalka, Burleigh County SCD, 701.250.4518

Chad Thorson, Burleigh County SCD, 701.250.4518

Day two was hosted by the Burleigh & Morton SCDs, Menoken Farm, NDSU, and the ND Grazing Coalition